Keys to success:
Good health and motivation!

Health-promoting and at the same time motivating measures play an important role in every modern company (whether small or large), especially as they are subsidised by the state.

A healthy work-life balance guarantees satisfied, efficient and balanced employees. Targeted measures also strengthen the loyalty of your employees to your company.

Employer branding through target-oriented health measures, among other things.

Read below how we support you in conception and implementation of these goals!





You want to carry out small and/or large measures of workplace health promotion and do not know how to start?

We help you!

If you are looking for a creative partner for health promotion and stress reduction in your company, we will be happy to assist you during concept development (e.g. for the company's own fitness studio, integrated into your building), for stress and regeneration measurements including recommendations, or in the general implementation phase.

Before any idea can be implemented, you should ask yourself:

  • How should I communicate it so that it is sustainable?
  • Who can I reach with this?
  • How do I make it measurable for myself?

Let us know and together we will find a solution tailored to your requirements.


Sport is pure emotion. We can bring excitement into your company event! Modules that focus on exercise, relaxation or mental training are custom-developed and can be embedded into your specific occasion.

Your co-workers, guests or customers will welcome the variety and go home with new energy.

We can also be booked as a Speaker for your company event and can help develop an exciting perspective to your day-to-day topics. Whether you choose to focus on sports, kinematics, mental coaching, or a combination of all three, the options are open.

Exercise cannot be regarded as a single entity!